From the Granville region, in the Manche department (Lower Normandy, France), I started out as a photographer in 2006.
From the beginning, I have preferred to work in black and white and in square format, in the quest for minimalistic aesthetic beauty.

I see photography as a means of expression and escape. In my photos, I do not necessarily seek to show things as they are, but rather to share a personal, artistic vision of the world around us.
Nature is a recurrent theme in most of my series of photos, but I am also keen on exploring new avenues. A wide variety of photos are displayed in my gallery.

Graphic designer and webmaster by trade, I like Image in all its forms.
New works will soon be featured on this site ! 

Since 2013, I expose my works in my gallery in Montmartin-sur-mer (France).
A second exhibition place will welcome you in 2016, in Regnéville-sur-mer.
Feel free to come take a look !

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